Metal and X-ray Detection

Dual Detectable material available for select Rexnord KleanTop and TableTop belts.

Metal and X-ray Detection for Added Protection

When it comes to protecting your product against foreign contamination, the best line of defense is a properly designed, installed and maintained conveyor system. The second line of protection is using detectable materials. The Rexnord team of experts can provide you with both, helping to ensure your customers enjoy food that is high quality and contamination free. Click the button for technical information on Rexnord's Dual Detectable material, or submit the form to contact us right now.


Rexnord Belts with Dual Detectable Material Availability

Rexnord KleanTop Plastic Modular Belts

KleanTop belts available with dual detection on the tough applications with higher risk of wear.

  • 390 KleanTop
  • 590 KleanTop
  • 1010 KleanTop
  • 1090 KleanTop
  • 2010 KleanTop

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Rexnord TableTop Plastic Belts

Added protection in high-strength and high-speed applications.

  • 821 TableTop
  • NH82 TableTop

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