Induced Draft Cooling

Cooling towers are one of the harshest environments for power transmission equipment. Moisture, chemicals and minerals continually attack the equipment driving cooling tower fans making durability and corrosion resistance a top priority for these components.

Falk CT-Series gear drives are the newest addition to our cooling tower power transmission portfolio. Designed specifically for induced draft, wet cooling tower applications, they deliver low noise and reliable, low vibration operation. When combined with Addax composite couplings, Addax mechanical brakes, Cambridge water screen systems and our cooling tower smart condition monitoring system, you have a complete power transmission product solution for your cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Product Sheet

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Our Business Development Manager, Chris Cowins shares solutions for cooling tower mechanical set challenges and shares examples of how customers have overcome them.

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Falk CT-Series Gear Drives

Falk CT-Series Gear Drives provide reliable operation and extended system life in harsh cooling tower and vertical drive applications.



Addax brakes are designed with safety in mind. Cross-pin locking and manual or remote actuation add safety and control to protect against free-wheeling fans. 

Addax Brake

Cooling Tower Gearbox Smart Condition Monitoring System

Increase uptime and reduce costs with real-time access to gearbox performance indicators such as oil quality, temperate and level, and gearbox vibration.

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