When you need to increase reliability and uptime in your food processing line, the Rexnord Active Drive Spiral Cage Belts helps optimize your operation. Belt features build on a spiral cage design to save production floor space while allowing active engagement of the belt.

Legacy low-tension drive systems break down due to belt over-tensioning leading to metal fatigue, or catastrophic belt failure. These disruptions require time-consuming maintenance and costly part replacements while causing production downtime.

Active Drive Spiral Cage Systems have lower belt tension, which extends the life of your belt while reducing risk of failure and stress on system components. The “directly-driven” design helps to ensure product orientation, while avoiding damage due to pulsations and slip stick.

A cutting-edge solution

Inner drive – belt is driven on the inner edge by the drum

  • Incurs less wear for longer belt life and less maintenance
  • Controls provide peace of mind without need for constant monitoring
  • Lower belt tension places less stress on overall system
  • Allows accurate orientation to improve product handling

Active Drive Design Helps Boost Production:

  • Active belt engagement with the drum avoids the risk of overdrive
  • Robust, low-tension design increases reliability
  • Metal components off er superb surface for keyapplications
  • Faster belt drying and less fi re risk enhance uptime
  • Stainless steel design stands up to cleaning and pressure

General Specifications

  • CamGrid style mesh overlays: providing airflow and configurable options to handle delicate products
  • Cambrilink our link-style spiral cage belt with flat wire construction
  • Two belt pitch options available: choose between 1.2" and 1.33" pitch options