Remote Prevention 24/7

Finally, a scalable system to address YOUR current priorities and budget, while extending the life of your assets. A tiered level of condition monitoring for your Falk Gear Drive gives you the monitoring and predictability you need to optimize maintenance planning, avoid unplanned downtime, and extend the life of your asset. See the tiered offerings >

Our Smart Condition Monitoring System uses proprietary algorithms to continuously compare sensor data against models of healthy drive operating conditions. Under abnormal conditions, contextual alerts are sent to a local visual indicator, your control system and the Rexnord Connect Portal so your team knows what action to take and when.

Improve Productivity — Eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs such as scheduled route-based contracts.

Increase Uptime — Early warning system to avoid unplanned downtime, for example “water in oil” detection.

Enhance Safety — Allow personnel to see the health of your equipment from a distance rather than trying to reach difficult locations.

See the Smart Condition Monitoring System in action!

Better Manufacturing with Rexnord's Smart Condition Monitoring System

Improve manufacturing uptime and asset life with the Rexnord Smart Condition Monitoring System. Real-time monitoring, maintenance reminders, and issue alerts save money and increase productivity.

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Rexnord's Smart Condition Monitoring System: Improving Gear Drive Uptime

This demo shows how the Rexnord Smart Condition Monitoring System increases manufacturing uptime with 24/7, real-time monitoring and alerts for issues like gear oil breakdown.

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Know When to Lubricate Equipment with the Smart Condition Monitoring System

Avoid excessive oil changes and keep gear drives running with the Smart Condition Monitoring System. Oil quality monitoring helps enhance safety, cut maintenance costs, and increase uptime.

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System Tiers for the Rexnord Series 1000 Smart Condition Monitoring System powered By DiRXN
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The entry level system detects abnormalities in overall vibration and temperature. Upgrading to the oil condition monitoring solution delivers productivity savings by eliminating costly unnecessary oil changes, only alerting you when an oil change will be needed. Further upgrading to the comprehensive Smart Condition Monitoring System adds vibration diagnostics, operating speed, and motor current. Choosing to connect to the Rexnord cloud gives you insights into the condition of your assets, valuable analytics, and email alerts at enterprise scale no matter where you are. We offer simple installation options including the addition of Model 1010 as a standard on select new Falk V-Class® and A-Plus® Gear Drives. In addition, existing Falk Gear Drives can be upgraded at either a repair facility or your own facility.

Interested in learning more about condition-based monitoring?

Whitepaper | Condition-Based Maintenance: Revolution and Reality

When it comes to condition-based monitoring, the benefits in terms of safety, cost savings and productivity are huge; it's no wonder facilities around the world are incorporating this technology-including smart monitoring systems for critical assets.

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Security Guidelines | Keeping Your Network & Data Protected

Check out our Smart Condition Monitoring System Security Guidelines document for information around physical security considerations, operating system and applications, networking and cloud considerations and more.

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Webinar | Revolution & Reality: Condition-Based Maintenance

Get a look at the benefits of condition-based monitoring, such as the ability to increase equipment uptime and spend less on routine maintenance. Learn the pros and cons of options, to help you determine which solution is right for your facility.

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